installer code

How to get the Growatt installer code?

To get the installer code for Growatt inverters, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Visit : Go to, which is
  2. Find the “Our Service” tab: In the navigation or on the main page, find the tab or section called “Our Service.” This is the place where tools and resources for installers are most often made available.
  3. Register or log in: If you already have an account, log in. Otherwise, create a new account using the registration option. Fill in the required information, such as company details, contact information, etc.
  4. Search the options available for installers: After logging in or registering, search the available options for installers. Look for a specific tab or section related to the Growatt installer program.
  5. Complete the registration form: In many cases, the process of obtaining an installer code involves completing a registration form. During this process, additional information about your company and its photovoltaic business may be required.
  6. Await code assignment: After completing the registration form, wait for Growatt to assign an installer code. For many companies, the code is assigned automatically, but confirmation from Growatt may also be required.
  7. Confirm receipt of the code: Once you have received the installer code, confirm its receipt according to the instructions available on the website or in the email you received.

Note that procedures may vary depending on region and current Growatt policies. If you have any doubts or questions, it is recommended that you contact Growatt’s official support through their website or direct communication.

installer code

Growatt Installer Code in Poland

Getting a personalized Growatt Installer Code in Poland has become easier than ever. Thanks to the availability of this key tool on our official website: Growatt – Installer Code.

For Polish installers wishing to take advantage of the many benefits offered by Growatt. The process of obtaining an Installer Code is simple and straightforward. Simply visit the Our Service website, where you will find a dedicated registration form. After completing this form, the installer will receive his or her own unique code. Opening the door to a range of additional opportunities.

The Growatt Installer Code is a key initiative for our partners. Thanks to it, installers not only identify their projects, but also gain access to customized offers, preferential terms for equipment purchases and technical support. This tool is designed to make installers more efficient and support their success.

The registration process is intuitive, allowing installers to quickly enjoy all the benefits of the Growatt Installer Code. Once the code is received, installers can track the progress of their projects, manage them remotely, and take advantage of dedicated training, laying a solid foundation for their career in the photovoltaic industry.

We encourage Polish installers to visit our website and take advantage of the Growatt Installer Code program. This is not only an identification tool, but also a gateway to the rich benefits Growatt offers its partners in the Polish photovoltaic market.