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Growatt European Distributor – We are the leader in photovoltaic inverters! Our company offers high-quality and reliable solutions to help maximize the efficiency and profits of photovoltaic installations. Our inverters are characterized by innovative features that enable easy energy management and are equipped with advanced safety features. We offer a wide range of products to meet different customer needs. We encourage you to take a look at our offer and choose the best solution for your photovoltaic installation!

Why Growatt photovoltaic inverters?

Negligible product failure rate

With a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing photovoltaic inverters, you don't have to worry about warranty issues

AFCI arc protection

This is protection against arcing caused by wiring faults, loose MC4 plug connections or aging equipment.

Elegant inverter design

Modern design that meets the expectations of the most demanding women

Built-in Benning meter

Built-in functionality of the Benning meter allows to perform, among other things, I-V diagnostics of photovoltaic panels

Growatt European Distributor - Advanced monitoring platform

Multi-level monitoring of all devices in the Growatt New Energy portfolio, broken down by account: main contractor / installer / end customer.

Various monitoring devices for inverter operation

Monitoring by radio / wifi / lan / gprs / RS485, allows you to tailor a solution to your individual situation.

Growatt European Distributor 10-year product warranty

A standard ten-year product warranty for the power series up to 20kW and a five-year warranty (extendable) for the remaining capacities ensure stable operation throughout the payback period.

Full power range

Inverters from 600W to 253kW allow the use of Growatt New Energy inverters for any installation power starting from domestic to commercial.

Professional technical department

Made up of people with years of experience working with Growatt New Energy inverters and photovoltaic installations.

Expanded portfolio of battery inverters

Battery inverters for maximizing self-consumption, battery inverters operating in UPS mode, and single-phase battery inverters dedicated to working with single-phase heat pumps.

Expandable battery systems

Without limitation, Growatt New Energy's energy storage units can be expanded without the consequence of losing their original capacity.

Stable financial situation of the manufacturer

Provided through participation in the structures of ``Sequoia Capitol`` and ``China merchant Group``, guaranteeing a certain guarantee and stable financial situation of the factory.

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