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High-voltage batteries and low-voltage batteries

High-voltage and low-voltage batteries used in Growatt hybrid inverters differ mainly in terms of voltage, power management and installation. / battery set


  • High-voltage batteries: usually operate in the voltage range above 200V. These batteries tend to be more efficient, meaning they can store more energy and extract it more efficiently compared to low-voltage batteries. However, they are more complicated to install and require specialized circuitry for voltage conversion.
  • Low-voltage batteries: They operate in the lower voltage range, usually below 60V. They are simpler to install and can be safer to operate, but have limited energy storage capacity.

Performance and Capacity:

  • Performance of high-voltage batteries: Because of their higher voltage, high-voltage batteries can usually store more energy. They also tend to have better charging and discharging performance.
  • Simplicity of low-voltage batteries: Low-voltage batteries may be simpler to install and operate, but they have limited capacity, meaning they can store less energy.

Security and Costs:

  • Safety: Low-voltage batteries may be perceived as safer because they operate at lower voltages, which can reduce the risk of electrocution for users.
  • Cost: High-voltage batteries are often more expensive, both to purchase and to install, due to more complex voltage conversion systems.

Installation and Configuration:

  • Installation of high voltage batteries: Requires specialized knowledge and can be more complex due to the need for proper protection and configuration compatible with higher voltages.
  • Installing low-voltage batteries: Usually simpler because they operate at lower voltages, but may require more batteries to achieve adequate capacity.

The choice between high-voltage and low-voltage batteries depends on your needs, budget, safety and the availability of a suitable installation system. It is always a good idea to consult with a renewable energy professional to select the best solution for your specific installation conditions and needs.