How to make SPH UP work with ATS device

There are two generations of hybrid storage inverters provided by Growatt for customers, SPH and SPH UP. The main different is, SPH UP is the newest product, integrates with the UPS function, the switch time between on-grid and off-grid modes is only 10ms, and customer need not to order the extra switch box.

The follow is the wiring diagram of standard SPH. The EPS port of the standard SPH will only output when the grid is disconnected, so the EPS port can only be connected to the emergency loads. By installing the accessory ATS-T, the EPS load also can work in the grid-connected condition. The system switch time is 0.5s.

As for SPH UP, since the EPS port can output under the On-grid Mode, Off-grid Mode and Bypass Mode, so there is no need to install ATS-T additionally.

The EPS mode parameters could be set via LCD display directly like the following table to meet different loads state. The default state of EPS mode is EPS: Enable, Bypass: ON, AC Voltage: 230V, AC Frequency: 50Hz.

How to make SPH UP work with ATS device

And the SPH UP also could work with the ATS device like the standard SPH version, which is required by some special regions. Some special parameters should be set: EPS Enable & Bypass: OFF, in this case, the EPS port has no output when the grid is connected, and the EPS port will output when there is no grid, but need extra ATS device to switch.

1.When EPS Disable & Bypass: OFF, there is no output at the EPS port under any situation; 2.When EPS Disable & Bypass: ON, the EPS port has output when the grid is connected, but it has no output when there is no grid connection;

How to make SPH UP work with ATS device

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